Gigabyte GP-P750GM, GP-P850GM computer power supplies pose a risk of serious malfunction and may cause an explosion


Gigabyte is well known for its advanced PC and laptop hardware and other components. Recently, the tech developer giant released its popular PSU (Power Supply Unit) models to various retail stores and online.

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One of them is Newegg, who offered his Shuffle pack. For this reason, many consumers were satisfied because they were able to grab one of their own. However, computer experts are now warning those who bought the giant tech company’s products because they have claimed explosions could be happening.

They added that the models affected by the alleged hardware issue are Gigabyte’s GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM power supplies. Various researchers and tech critics have argued that these models could pose a risk of serious failure or malfunction.

Could Gigabyte power supply models explode at any time?

According to Tech Radar’s latest report, around ten eating patterns have been tested in a new study. Experts involved claimed that 50% of brands failed an explosive ability test.

Gigabyte GP-P750GM, GP-P850GM computer power supplies may seriously malfunction and may cause explosion

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One of the tests even attempted to fry the Gigabyte Aorus RTX 3080, strapped to a test bench. With the problem alarming, the researchers decided to ask Newegg and Gigabyte for their comments.

However, the two companies have yet to release their statements regarding the alleged PSU explosion.

Gigabyte’s GP-P750GM and 850GM power supplies were and are in bundle ‘deals’ on Newegg Shuffle. If you wanted the graphics card but not the power supply, you’d be hard pressed to return one without the other Said the technical experts at Gamers Lien.

Could you return the Gigabyte power supply unit?

Xtreme Gaming Nerd reported that the explosion of Gigabyte’s power supply issue shows that the 825W to 925W OPP range claimed by the company is a false product description.

At the moment, it appears that those who purchased the GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM models from Gigabyte may have difficulty returning the items. Newegg’s return policy states that it is difficult to return a dead PSU, which was purchased in bulk.

While this is the case, the retail giant still confirmed that buyers can still return their power supply individually. In other news, Gigabyte had another problem as ransomware attacked its PC hardware. On the other hand, the company released its Gigabyte Aorus C700 model.

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