Former serviceman arrested for gathering intelligence on Ukraine’s air defense systems for Russia

In the Dnipropetrovsk region, a former officer of an air force unit was reported for theft of military secrets.

The man was attempting to transmit classified data to the Russian intelligence agency, having planned a trip to Russia for this purpose under the pretext of a family visit, the Security Service (SBU) wrote in a statement.

SBU agents seized the culprit of documents he illegally obtained on the organization of the air defense control system.

The investigation established that the former soldier had secretly collected sensitive data, including classified information in his base. The offender is suspected of having made unauthorized copies of classified defense data by illegally interfering with the unit’s automated information systems.

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The man kept the secrets obtained at home.

During a justified search of his apartment, the police found USB keys containing classified military information; computer equipment and means of communication with proof of illegal activity.

The SBU is on the verge of laying formal charges, while the court has yet to select and impose restraint on the suspect pending the continuation of the preliminary investigation.

Criminal proceedings were initiated under Part 1 Art. 258-3 (Participation in a terrorist group or in a terrorist organization) and Part 2 Art. 362 (Unauthorized actions with information processed in computers, automated systems, computer networks or stored on such media, committed by a person who has access to them) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.

The undercover operation was led by the SBU’s military counterintelligence department and the agency’s local unit in Dnipro under the procedural leadership of the local branch of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Military and Defense Affairs. .

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As previously reported, SBU counter-intelligence prevented another attempt to transfer classified defense information to Russian intelligence when a Ukrainian army unit commander was exposed for secretly collecting military secrets on missile depots across the country.

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