For the price of a AAA game you can get hundreds of queer indies in this pack

It’s Pride Month, folks, and the indies at are once again making their giant Queer Games Bundle. The Queer Games Pack 2022 (opens in a new tab), of more than 500 items, 374 of which are video games, is intended to give a financial boost to queer independent creators and teams. The rest of the set is tabletop games, comics, books, art – you know, game stuff. Last year’s batch was pretty neat, (opens in a new tab) and found some cool stuff there.

In case you think it’s all weird little stuff, I can spot a few verified gems here: The story of an undertaker (opens in a new tab)which is pretty much what it sounds like. A day of maintenance (opens in a new tab), which consists of maintaining the space and chatting with your colleagues. And 2064: Read-only memories (opens in a new tab)a superb piece of lightweight cyberpunk point-and-click adventure with killer writing, to name a few.

“If we had the budget for a AAA game, we could give each solo developer a decent salary multiple times over for a year and each team a huge funding boost. Imagine what the developers and artists in this bundle could create in a year if they didn’t worry about starving or paying their rent this month,” explain the organizers of the Bundle.

You can learn more about the Queer Games Bundle 2022 page (opens in a new tab)where it’s on sale for $60 and lasts until early July.

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