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When we think of retro-computing, it is very often the computers themselves that derive all the glory. There’s nothing wrong with that of course – the computers of the late ’70s and’ 80s were incredible machines that were full of full-fledged hacks. But some of the most interesting hacks of the day happened not in computers, but rather in their peripherals. A devotee of such a periphery is [Michael Steil], which was pushed to compile years of research, knowledge, and hard data into The Ultimate Commodore 1541 Drive Talk which you can see under the pause.

In the speech, [Michael] covers the composition and construction of the physical disk, disk drives, controller hardware and their evolution. The bit-by-bit breakdown of tracks, sectors, and header information on the disks themselves is fascinating, as is the discussion of the various copy protection techniques used by vendors to prevent piracy at one. time when sneakernet was in full swing.

Descent into the controller circuitry reveals a venerable 6502 processor that powered many vintage computers. Further discussion reveals the secrets to getting higher performance from the 1541 drive using innovations as recent as 2013.

Computer historian and archaeologist, [Michael] explains how using modified vintage material is sometimes enough to save your old floppy disk collection. It also shows how modern interfaces that read disks down to magnetic flux level can be used to reconstruct missing data.

[Michael] Masterfully exposes the complexity, engineering and hacking that allowed less than 200KB of data to be stored. Whether you are a Commodore enthusiast or not, your appreciation for the 32GB USB flash drive collecting dust on your desk is sure to grow!

We have covered [Michael], and you might want to check out the Ultimate Apollo Guidance Computer Talk or the Ultimate Gameboy Talk. Do you have your own favorite retro computer tips and ideas to share? Make sure you let us know via the Tip Line!

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