Famous Marathi actress Deepali Sayed receives death threats from stranger accused detained

(This story first appeared in the Maharashtra Times on October 21, 2020)

Mumbai police arrested a person for allegedly rape and death threats to note Marathi actress Deepali said.

The accused was identified as Sandeep Wagh and he was arrested by Oshiwara Police of Ahmednagar on Sunday. He had been bothering her for almost a year.

In 2019, the actress went to participate in the agitation around the water in Ahmednagar. During this time, Wagh took someone’s phone number and started calling and texting them repeatedly for no reason. The actress later blocked her number.

Again, on October 4, he called her, but she didn’t realize it was him.

Stating that he was calling from Pathardi from Ahmednagar, he asked her if she could come for a birthday party. To which, she informed him that she was taking Rs 1 lakh to stay present for the event. However, he soon began to abuse her.

Sayed warned him against filing a complaint with the police. But then the accused issued a rape threat and said he would kill her if she came to Ahmednagar.

After the phone call, she told her brother about the case and also gave him the number of the accused.

When he contacted her, he also began to abuse her and alleged that she was supplying him with drugs.

Eventually, the actress went to the Oshiwara police station and filed a complaint against the accused.

The accused was brought to court and taken into custody, police said.

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