Data backup: its importance for cybersecurity

Data backup options continue to evolve. Choose the option that best suits your storage needs, personal preferences and level of technological comfort. For maximum protection, it is ideal to use a combination of these types. However, any option is better than doing nothing.

Removable device: The easiest and most convenient way to store data for many people. This option includes small portable devices such as USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and newer Blu-Ray discs. However, these devices do not offer much storage space. So, you may have to use multiple devices to keep all of your information, which can make restoring your data more difficult. Also, with their small size, removable devices can easily be lost or stolen.

External hard drive: A popular backup option because it’s easy to use and has plenty of storage space. You can transfer your data from your device to an external hard drive wirelessly or via cables. But external hard drives can break over time. And, just like removable devices, they can be lost or stolen.

Cloud backups: With this option, your data will not be stored on a device you own, eliminating the possibility of losing the device. Cloud backups allow access to your data via the Internet anytime and from anywhere. Storage space is also sufficient, with some providers even offering unlimited capacity.

However, make sure to use a well-established provider that encrypts your data for greater security. Also check if the service is compatible with your device. Remember to use a strong, long, complex, and unique password, and take advantage of any security-enhancing options offered by your provider, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Computer/Device Backups: Some devices allow you to create a backup of the data stored on your device, which is very convenient. However, it is important to use this option in conjunction with at least one of the other backup types described above. If your device is corrupted or unusable, your data may be inaccessible. And theft is always a possibility too

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