Currys launches Cash for Trash unwanted technology recycling program

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  • Let’s face it, we all have unruly wires and old pieces of technology lying around. In fact, Currys revealed that we accumulate 527 million unused pieces of technology in our homes across the UK.

    It’s not too surprising given how difficult it can be to figure out how to get rid of them. Especially if there is personal data on old USB sticks, floppy disks, etc.

    Enter, Currys’ Cash For Trash – a tech recycling program that gives you cash in exchange for old electronics.

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    Currys money for garbage

    Currys encourages us to recycle those old speakers, kettles, iPod shuffles, game consoles and alarm clocks that we never use. These retro objects that we cling to unnecessarily and let clutter our homes.

    From now until April 15, 2022, you can bring unused, broken, or working tech to your local Currys store. You will be able to exchange items for a voucher worth at least £5.

    If you have a television or small appliances that you no longer want, you can exchange them for hundreds of pounds worth of new products. It’s time to trade in the best washing machines… “We already help thousands of customers recycle unwanted technology every day. But Cash for Trash aims to take it to the next level,” says Lindsay Haselhurst, supply chain manager at Currys.

    pile of old cell phones

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    “This trial aims to make recycling easy and rewarding. We urge the nation to look in the drawers, under the sofa and in the attic – as those unused tech devices that have seen better days could be repaired, rehoused or recycled into something new,” adds Lindsay.

    Currys really accepts any technology, bought from anywhere, even if it’s broken. “It may sound like garbage, but it isn’t to us,” Lindsay says.

    The month-long Cash For Trash is the UK’s first nationwide recycling scheme that gives cash back for any old technology. The electrical retailer did some research and found that the most hoarded items are mobile phones (67%).

    white kitchen with white washing machine

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    But consumers are sitting on a gold mine of other old and unused technology. From hairdressing products and speakers to old landline phones and headphones.

    Sure, you could get a better price for your old item on eBay, but the Cash For Trash program is great for just freeing up some much-needed space.

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