CRAIC Technologies presents a new microspectrophotometer


CRAIC Technologies, the world leader in innovation in UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy solutions, is proud to present the UV-visible-NIR 2030PV PRO â„¢ microspectrophotometer.

Image credit: CRAIC Technologies

As a new flagship product from CRAIC Technologies, the 2030PV PRO â„¢ microspectrophotometer is designed to non-destructively analyze many types of microscopic samples from deep ultraviolet to near infrared. Sample analysis can be performed by absorbance, reflectance, Raman, photoluminescence and fluorescence with unmatched speed and precision.

The system can also be configured to image microscopic samples in the UV and NIR regions in addition to color imaging. The applications are numerous and include forensic trace analysis, reflectance to charcoal vitrinite and spectral analysis of minerals, measurement of protein crystals, contamination analysis and measurement of thin layers of carbon. semiconductors, hard drives and flat screens.

Combined with traceable standards from CRAIC Technologies, specially designed for use with microspectrophotometers and calibrated using standard NIST reference materials, the 2030PV PRO â„¢ microspectrophotometer is the State-of-the-art microanalysis tool for any lab or manufacturing facility.

CRAIC Technologies has been an innovator in the field of UV-visible-NIR microanalysis for twenty years. We have helped advance the field of micro-scale analysis with innovative instrumentation, software, research and education. The 2030PV PRO â„¢ microspectrophotometer is the ideal tool for a laboratory or factory due to its reliability, speed and ease of use.

Dr Paul Martin, President of CRAIC Technologies

The 2030PV PRO â„¢ microspectrophotometer integrates an advanced spectrophotometer with a sophisticated UV-visible-NIR range microscope and powerful, easy-to-use software. This flexible instrument is designed to acquire data from microscopic samples by absorbance, reflectance or even luminescence spectroscopy.

By including high resolution digital imaging, the user can also use the instrument as an ultraviolet or infrared microscope. Touchscreen controls, sophisticated software, calibrated variable apertures and other innovations all point to a new level of sophistication for microanalysis.

“CRAIC Technologies’ microspectrophotometers are based on years of experience in the design, construction and use of this type of instrumentation for spectroscopic and image analysis” says Dr Paul Martin.

With high sensitivity, durable design, ease of use, multiple imaging and spectroscopy techniques, automation and support from CRAIC Technologies, the 2030PV PRO â„¢ is more than just a scientific instrument … it’s is the solution to your analytical challenges.

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