Chip shortage to wreak havoc on Black Friday shopping, PC giants warn



Lenovo, the largest in the world computer manufacturer, reaffirmed its belief that the global chip shortage will continue to pose problems for the foreseeable future.

When announcing the results, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqung said he maintained his earlier prediction that the supply would not return to healthy levels until the first half of next year, and put warning against “delays in the execution of orders and large pending orders on PCs, smartphones and waiters”.

Despite the chip shortage, however, Lenovo reported a 65% increase in second-quarter profits year-over-year, taking in $ 17.9 billion for the three-month period ending September 30.

Yuanqing attributed this growth to the company’s ability to secure a larger supply of components than other manufacturers, as well as its hybrid supply chain model, in which components are manufactured in-house and sourced from suppliers. external.

Separately, the CEO of semiconductor design firm Arm, Simon Segars, warned that chip shortages could cause disappointment for buyers before Black friday, Cyber ​​monday and the holiday season.

The mismatch between supply and demand is “the most extreme” it has ever been, explained Segars, who warned that the consequences of the chip shortage could last even until Christmas 2022, with the wait. of some silicon at 60 weeks.

“If you haven’t bought all of your devices yet, you might be disappointed,” he said during a speech at the Web Summit. “It’s never been like this before.”

Segars says semiconductor makers spend billions every week to increase capacity, both expanding current manufacturing plants and building brand new ones.

However, there isn’t much optimization that can take place, and building a factory from scratch takes several years. No matter how much money is invested in solving the shortage, there is no way to speed up this timeline.

Since chip shortages and supply chain disruptions are expected to create stockouts in almost all categories of devices, buyers are advised to make their purchases as early as possible to ensure that the products arrive in time for the holidays.

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