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Most video games these days are purchased digitally and stored on your game console or external hard drive. However, most gamers also have a large library of physical copies of their video games at home. Nobody likes clutter, so it makes sense to invest in a video game storage organizer to keep your gaming space tidy. We’ve created this guide to help you find the best video game storage option for your space.

Video Game Storage Organizer Buying Guide

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You have space

Why buy a video game storage organizer?

Many gamers like to keep physical copies of their favorite games. However, when your video game collection reaches a certain size, there are few entertainment systems capable of storing them. Luckily, there are plenty of video game storage organizers on the market that will help you organize your video game collection while keeping your games out of harm’s way. Some storage organizers can even add a touch of style to your space, while other utility models are designed to be as durable and unobtrusive as possible.

What Should You Look For In A Video Game Storage Organizer?

  • Ability: Before purchasing a video game storage organizer, roughly count the number of video games you need to store. Keep in mind that products that tout higher storage capacity often command a higher price. However, a large video game collection will definitely look better when it’s neatly organized than piled haphazardly on the floor.
  • Style: Collectors and enthusiasts can benefit from storing their video games in a visually appealing way. Floating shelves and other modern storage solutions excel in this regard. However, those looking for a classic look can opt for a large shelf-like video game storage organizer or a simple crate-style storage solution. Whatever you choose, consider your game room’s current decor so you can choose a storage organizer that complements its unique style.
  • Ease of use: While some video game storage organizers are ready to use right out of the box, others will require assembly and installation. If the organizer you have in front of you requires additional steps before you can use it, be sure to read some reviews to see how much time and effort it will take to set up your storage organizer.

How do you know your video games will fit in a video game storage organizer?

To keep things simple, most video games come in cases that are no bigger than a DVD case. So, if you invest in a storage organizer designed to store DVDs, you should be able to fit plenty of games into it, including those for Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles. However, if you’re storing retro games or special edition games that come in odd-sized boxes, it’s worth taking the time to measure your game boxes and compare them to the dimensions of the storage organizer. that you are looking at.

Our picks for the best video game storage organizers

Best Storage Bins

Advantages: Looking for a simple storage solution? mDesign plastic video game organizers can store approximately 26 games per organizer and are suitable for most Blu-ray and DVD discs. These sturdy storage organizers are made of shatterproof plastic that can be used and abused. They are a great option for keeping things organized inside your entertainment center.

The inconvenients: Although this storage organizer is compatible with most DVD cases, not all DVDs will fit this product. Some reviewers have noted that multi-disc DVD cases are slightly wider than average, so you’ll likely need to store them elsewhere.

Conclusion : While these storage organizers may not be cost effective for people with hundreds of video games, they are great for organizing small video game collections. They’re also perfectly sized to fit a variety of workout centers, but be sure to measure yours if you’re not sure you have enough clearance to work out.

Best large capacity

Advantages: Featuring massive storage capacity and adjustable shelves that can be configured in multiple ways, the Atlantic Oskar Media Storage Cabinet is a stunner for those with large video game collections. Although this is not an old school solid wood cabinet, it is quite sturdy when fully assembled and anchored to the wall. It also sports an extra-wide base for added stability, and its adjustable cabinets are perfect for creating space to display the larger playthings in your collection.

The inconvenients: Simply put, this is not a product that is wise to jump-assemble or skim through assembly instructions. Although this can be accomplished on your own, an extra set of hands can be extremely helpful as the cabinet lacks stability when only partially assembled.

Conclusion : While this storage cabinet isn’t quite as sturdy as the solid wood cabinet in your grandfather’s living room, it’s more than sturdy enough to house large video game and movie collections. That being said, this is not the easiest product to assemble, so be sure to take your time and read the assembly instructions carefully if you purchase this product.

Best Freestanding Shelves

Advantages: Featuring a stackable design and sleek styling, the Stock Your Home storage box is a great storage organizer for those with a modern sensibility. This storage organizer can hold a pretty impressive amount of games and even accommodates some special edition products that come in larger boxes. They’re also pretty sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about grabbing a game from the bottom organizer when several more are stacked on top of it.

The inconvenients: Given the overwhelmingly positive reviews of this product, it’s hard to pinpoint an area of ​​weakness. That being said, some might find its storage capacity quite disappointing considering its price.

Conclusion : Those looking for something a little sleeker than a regular plastic storage bin will appreciate the attention to detail in these storage organizers. From its magnetic barrier to its sleek, stackable design, there’s a lot to like about this product, assuming your game collection fits the bill.

Best easy transportation

Advantages: Carrying your video game collection can be a pain, but the Made Easy Kit Clear Media Storage Bag makes this process as easy as possible. Featuring a transparent design that holds its shape well with its included dividers, this storage organizer is also a great tool for protecting your video game collection from dust while in storage. Additionally, each storage bag holds around 40 games, so the capacity is impressive considering the affordability of this product.

The inconvenients: Realistically, the utilitarian design of this product probably isn’t very suitable for a prominent spot in your living room. However, it is compact enough to fit in most entertainment centers if you have the available storage space.

Conclusion : While this isn’t a storage organizer most would choose to display their video game collection, it’s a great option for anyone moving to a new space or storing some of their video games.

Best Wall Shelves

Advantages: Featuring a modern design perfect for displaying large video game collections, the You Have Space Black floating shelves score points for style and build quality. Unlike many similarly priced products, these floating shelves are made from durable metal instead of cheap particleboard, and their style is ideal for creating a unique display in your game room. Given that these shelves fit nearly 100 games, we’d say this product offers a lot of value for its asking price.

The inconvenients: Some reviewers have noted that it’s pretty easy to eliminate games by grabbing something from a shelf, so be careful. Additionally, while most reviewers said this product is simple to install, some complained about the size of the mounting screws that come with the shelves.

Conclusion : Considering this storage organizer’s low price, large storage capacity, and sleek design, it’s easy to see why it’s so highly rated. That being said, you have to be careful when picking up a game from the shelves, as they don’t leave much room for adjoining video game boxes.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect place to store your video games isn’t easy, but it’s worth the effort. Whether you’re looking for a tall media shelf or a compact storage organizer, check out our suggestions.

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