Aventis Systems Founder Hesam Lamei Makes Georgia Titan 100 List for 2022

ATLANTE, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Titan’s CEO and Presenting Sponsor, Wipfli LLP, are pleased to announce that Hesam LameiFounder and CEO of Aventis Systems and Cortavo, is among the 2022 Georgia Titan 100. The Titan 100 program recognizes georgia Top 100 CEOs and C-Level Executives. Nominees and winners represent the region’s most accomplished business leaders in their industry, using criteria that include demonstration of leadership, vision and an exceptional passion. Collectively, the 2022 Georgia Titan 100 and their companies employ more than 240,000 people and generate more than $66 billion in annual income.

“We know they will have a profound impact that will make an extraordinary difference to their clients and customers across the country,” said Jaime Zawmon, Chairman and CEO of Titan.

Hesam Lamei began his business journey while still in college at Southern Polytechnic State University where he later earned a BS in Computer Engineering. He founded and operated Quality Rams from 2003 to 2008, selling memory for desktop and laptop computers, then progressed to selling servers and storage systems. Living on a meager salary while dipping into his savings to survive, he turned the company into Aventis Systems, which he launched in 2008. Facing many challenges, Hesam persevered and became a $2.8 million company for the benefit of $40,000 in 2008 into a true success story, earning more $135 million turnover since its launch.

As goods and services grew within the company’s capabilities, a comprehensive set of offerings took the form of an all-inclusive vendor to meet the computing needs of small and medium-sized businesses in the South. -Is. In 2019, this request gave birth to Cortavo, a separate brand and sister company of Aventis Systems.

To be a Titan within the industry, Hesam takes the approach of relying on a smart, skilled and loyal team to pull him through every finish line he encounters. To that end, Hesam believes in cultivating its employees, breaking down their barriers, and achieving long-term success through work-life balance.

“Winning this award is amazing and I’m grateful,” Lamei added when asked to be named a Titan, “But really, everyone I work with has helped bring Aventis Systems and Cortavo to where they stand today, including our satisfied customers.Winning awards is a good indicator to outside companies that we’re on the right track, but they’re only good as long as you keep doing what won them first place. And so that leads me to conclude that we need to continue to hit the pavement with exceptional service and innovation as we have been. But yes, winning is enjoyable. I am happy to receive it.

Hesam Lamei will be honored at the Titan 100 Awards on May 12and2022, at Zoo Atlanta: Savannah Room. One of the city’s most treasured historic buildings, the 1921 building has been revitalized by Zoo Atlanta. Home to the Atlanta Cyclorama for over 90 years, the building is famous for its grand scale and neoclassical architecture. This unique award-winning cocktail event will bring together 100 Industry Titans and their guests for an evening unlike anything in the world. Georgia business community.

“On behalf of all of Wipfli’s partners and associates, we congratulate all of the Titan100 winners. It is an honor to recognize this diverse group of leaders in the Atlanta community. We appreciate the lasting impact each leader has had, and continues to have, in building organizations that matter both in Atlanta and abroad. Your ingenuity and creativity set you apart, and the honor of being considered a Titan of the industry is well deserved,” said bill butcherPartner at Wipfli.

This year’s winners will be published in a limited-edition Titan 100 book and presented exclusively online. They will be honored at an awards ceremony on May 12and2022, and will have the opportunity to interact and connect multiple times throughout the year with fellow Titans.

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Based at Atlanta, Georgia, Aventis Systems, Inc. offers custom IT solutions to build and operate complete physical and virtual infrastructures. Their end-to-end solutions include hardware, systems, and application software, plus a suite of in-depth managed services, including Cortavo, an all-inclusive managed service provider that offers all the hardware, software, and cloud services needed to meet technology needs and challenges of small businesses. at a predictable monthly cost. Since 2008, thousands of small business owners have trusted Aventis Systems as their IT vendor of choice because they “Get IT Done”.

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Learn more about the Titan 100

The Titan 100 is a program to recognize a leading group of 100 CEOs and C-level executives in a region. Representing both the private and public sectors, these leaders are Titans of the industry who demonstrate exceptional leadership, vision, passion and influence in their field.

The Titan 100 will be recognized at an awards ceremony and will have the opportunity to connect multiple times throughout the year with fellow Titans. From private events to panel discussions, this exclusive private group of Titans will be able to network and develop their professional relationships. All Titan 100 winners will be published in the Titan 100 Book, featured online with individual landing pages, and recognized throughout the year across multiple platforms, venues, and organizations.

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