ASUS Unveils New ProArt Solutions to Enable Creativity and Power 3D Content Creation with NVIDIA Omniverse at Siggraph 2022

  • ASUS expands its ProArt creative solutions with a new ProArt display and 12th generation ProArt Studiobook laptops.
  • The company is challenging creators to develop their own metaverse characters with an Instagram giveaway.

VANCOUVER, BC, August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Siggraph 2022 Asusa global technology leader renowned for continuously reinventing today’s technologies for tomorrow, is expanding its suite of tools for creators with the launch of the ProArt Display (PA248CNV), which will be showcased for the first time at Siggraph 2022 (booth #933) alongside other ProArt displays, Studiobook OLED and Zenbook Pro OLED laptops, an ASUS server and a ProArt Z690 motherboard. ASUS will also be showcasing motion capture technology and inviting creators to develop their own 3D characters in the metaverse, with giveaways of ProArt X Reallusion software and other products, made live on Instagram (@proart) of August 8 to 11, 2022. See event and giveaway details here.

New ASUS ProArt ecosystem

ASUS ProArt is an ecosystem of laptops, computers, monitors, motherboards and accessories that provide designers, creators and artists with a stable foundation on which creativity can flourish. Users can rely on ProArt’s exceptional color control and accuracy, reliable performance, and powerful computing to deliver inspired ideas for art, video games, film and television, animation, products, etc These solutions simplify the path to creativity with the update ProArt Creation Center, which unifies color calibration, settings, monitor performance, and workflows across all users’ ASUS Creator devices to enable creativity from anywhere. It also includes the ASUS Dial, a precision rotary control (not limited to Adobe creative applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects and other applications such as Autodesk and Unreal Engine) that places parameters application and color values ​​at users’ fingertips for smooth and efficient work. Backed by NVIDIA® Studio technologies for creators, ProArt products with NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs benefit from optimizations in more than 200 creative applications, Studio drivers for the highest levels of stability and performance in creative applications, and Exclusive NVIDIA AI-Powered Tools: Omniverse™, Canvas, and Broadcast.

ASUS monitors are designed for content creation with incredible realism and extreme contrast via ASUS HDR Technology, combined with industry-leading color accuracy, factory pre-calibration, wide color gamuts and various connectivity options. The new ProArt display (PA248CNV) is designed for photo and video editors and graphic designers, offering Calman Verified (ΔE $329.

The company also announces the availability of PA348CGV and OLED PA32DC screens that specifically meet the needs of creators working with 3D animation. With high resolution, exceptional HDR capabilities, professional-grade color accuracy, and wide color gamut, the award-winning ProArt display series is the perfect option to serve as the center of your Omniverse workflow. Displays will begin shipping at $729 in September and $3,499 in October 2022, respectively. ASUS is also showcasing the latest 12th Gen ProArt Studiobook models with the GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti GPU or up to the NVIDIA RTX A5000 professional graphics card, Zenbook Pro models, workstation and server GPU, including:

ASUS ProArt Solutions with NVIDIA Omniverse

3D design is a team sport, and very complex at that. Artists, designers, and engineers on traditional 3D teams often use incompatible tools, requiring time-consuming import and export processes. With ASUS ProArt devices and the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, you can now enjoy seamless 3D design collaboration. Omniverse provides connections and enhancements for Universal Scene Description (USD)-based 3D applications and creative workflows, allowing you to unify your creative 3D assets, libraries, and applications. Learn more about ASUS Omniverse Solution Website.

ASUS GPU servers deliver the key features these companies need for 3D design. Dedicated CPU and GPU airflow ensures optimal and sustained performance. ASUS servers support a variety of graphics cards, including NVIDIA A40, allowing your design team to run different workloads and applications that best suit your needs. And with horizontal and vertical scalability, your ASUS GPU servers can grow with your business.

For these creators, a high-end desktop PC with the NVIDIA RTX A5000 might be best suited to their needs and budget. Our line of ProArt motherboards offer the features that matter most to you. We’ve got options primed and ready for the latest cutting-edge processors from Intel and AMD and next-gen DDR5 RAM, not to mention PCIe 5.0 connectivity that’s ready to support next-gen graphics cards.

When creators use Omniverse, they need consistent, exceptional visual quality, whether they’re working in a large studio or collaborating remotely from multiple locations. Whether you need a display with high resolution, exceptional HDR capabilities, pro-grade color accuracy, wide color gamut, or even all of the above, the award-winning ProArt display series has the perfect option. to serve as the center of your Omniverse Workflow.

The ProArt Studiobook 16 OLED Laptopp combines the innovative ASUS Dial, premium hardware, robust cooling solutions, and an OLED display with exceptional color accuracy. It’s powered by NVIDIA laptop GPUs, including the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, backed by NVIDIA Studio drivers for maximum reliability and performance in creative applications. Another great option is the NVIDIA RTX A5000 Laptop GPU, which has the throughput to help you run projects fast, the enterprise drivers you need for worry-free performance, and ISV certifications that give you confidence. necessary for working in high-stakes environments and mobile 3D collaboration.

ASUS partners with MoonShine, a VFX company based in Taiwan known for producing creative works spanning the fields of animation to virtual production. At SIGGRAPH 2022, ASUS and MoonShine will bring you the most comprehensive virtual production solutions powered by NVIDIA Omniverse to create seamless, borderless 3D working environments. Watch the Video testimonial and learn how industrial-grade production processes can be enhanced with ASUS and NVIDIA Omniverse creative solutions.

ASUS has partnered with Reallusion for a 3D Giveaway software

Continuing its mission to create the technology of tomorrow, ASUS also announced ASUS Solutions with NVIDIA Omniverse, ensuring Reallusion, an animation software and content provider, can work effectively across teams and devices. To show the strength of this partnership and demonstrate its character creation and motion capture technology, from August 8 to 11ASUS ProArt Instagram will host ProArt X Reallusion software LIVE session starting SIGGRAPH 2022. Participants are entered for a chance to win software bundle prizes like iClone 8, Character Creator 4 Mocap Full Body Bundles and Reallusion Points DA (price value exceeds the United States $10,000).

At Siggraph 2022, ASUS will be at booth 933. For more information on ASUS, visit

About ASUS

ASUS is a global technology leader that provides the world’s most innovative and intuitive devices, components and solutions to deliver amazing experiences that improve the lives of people everywhere. With its team of 5,000 in-house R&D experts, ASUS is globally known for continuously reinventing today’s technologies for tomorrow, wins more than 11 awards every day for quality, innovation and design, and is ranked among the world’s most admired companies according to Fortune.

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