Ask Slashdot: What was your first computer?

Longtime Slashdot reader Destinyland writes: Today, the official GitHub Twitter account asked the ultimate question for geeks. “You never forget your first computer. What was yours?

And within 10 hours, they had received 2,700 responses.

Commodore 64, TRS-80, Atari 800, Compaq Presario… People have been posting names you haven’t heard in years, as if sharing memories of old friends. Gateway 2000, Sony VAIO, Vic-20, Packard Bell… One person just remembered having had “some kind of PC that had an orange and black screen with text and QBasic. It couldn’t do big -something more than storing recipes and playing text-based games.”

And other memories began to flow. (“Stuck on Commander Keen & The island of Dr. Brain…“Damn, that Doom game was amazing, I can’t forget Oregon Trail…”)

Sharp PC-4500, Toshiba T3200, Timex Sinclair 1000, NEC PC-8801. Another’s first computer was “A very, very old HP laptop with a broken battery!”

My first computer was an IBM PS/2. It had an internal 2400 baud modem. Although in the days before local internet services, it was only really good for connecting to BBSes. I played chess against a program on a floppy disk that I got from a guy at work.
Do you still remember yours? Share your best memories in the comments.

What was your first computer?

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