Antzer Tech is expanding into the agricultural, fishing and catering cold chain market abroad with its B-Fresh cold chain logistics solution

TAIPEI, December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Antzer Tech, a leading provider of AIoT solutions, announced on December 1, 2021 that he will participate in Taiwan Agri-Coldchain & Value Added Technology Expo 2021 in partnership with the Taiwan Cold Chain Association (TCCA). During the event, the company will showcase its first B-Fresh cold chain cloud management system as part of its AIoT range of solutions. With its rich experience in AIoT and logistics management, the presence at the exhibition marks the formal entry of the company into cold chain management systems for the transport and marketing of agricultural and fishery products as well as for the sector. of food and beverage products, helping businesses monitor their storage environment in real time. temperature and state of preservation to effectively meet the needs of management in the process of distribution, storage and retailing of agricultural and fishery ingredients. In addition, with a strong expertise of the best partner in the cold chain in Asia Pacific region – TCCA, Antzer Tech is able to strengthen its presence in Taiwan and expand its presence in South East Asia, unlocking a new generation of intelligent cold chain management.

Antzer Tech CEO Franz Wei said, “Reducing the rate of loss of agricultural production is one of the key elements in the competitiveness of agricultural exports. Faced with business opportunities in Southeast Asian countries, Taiwanese companies have demonstrated a strong ability to deliver smart cold chain solutions. By working with TCCA, Antzer Tech can effectively combine its AIoT technology and the association’s rich industrial resources. Looking ahead, the company expects the multi-purpose international exchange platform provided by the Taiwan International Fisheries Exhibition and Contemporary Exhibition to facilitate the ability of domestic and foreign enterprises to easily achieve a smart transition through its B-Fresh cold chain cloud management system and progress towards the goal of zero loss of agricultural and fishery products. ”

As one of the key exhibitions of Taiwan Smart Agriculture Week, Taiwan Agri-Coldchain & Value Added Technology Expo 2021 will be held from December 2 to 4 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2. During the exhibition, Antzer Tech plans to exhibit its B-Fresh solution, the first cold chain cloud management system integrating AIoT intelligent technology with software and hardware existing vehicles for positioning by wireless communication. The solution enables food storage and processing managers to define the shelf life and temperature range of agricultural and fish products on a cloud-based management platform that can continuously transmit real-time data to the cloud via the latest Bluetooth 5.0 long-distance wireless communication technology. In the event of a loss of temperature or expiration of shelf life, the platform will automatically send an alarm to a designated mobile device or computer. The solution helps businesses and retailers not only reduce food waste and management costs, but also improve their cold chain management in all respects.

In addition, Antzer Tech continues to deepen IoV and logistics applications by expanding its fleet management services and offering a full range of on-board communication and GNSS positioning solutions. Reducing network bandwidth and equipment resource requirements, as well as maximizing reliability, allow industry players to maximize the efficiency of fleet management.

About Antzer Tech

Founded in 2015, Antzer Tech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Innodisk (stock code: 5289), is committed to providing products for IoV applications. With comprehensive expertise in hardware, software and systems integration, the company has a core team of industrial control systems companies and the on-board equipment sector, providing intelligent solutions for the global AIoT ecosystem.

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