After a Crackdown, Defendants Return Armed with Better Technology | News from Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram: An analysis of culprits who have been convicted of accessing and distributing child pornography shows that the trend of repeat offenses or recidivism of defendants, better prepared, with better tools of anonymity, is on the rise in the state.
According to data from arrests and raids over the past four years analyzed by the State Police Child Sexual Exploitation (CCSE) Team, the trend shows that cases of child sexual exploitation are all increasing. two months after a crackdown on these people.
Moreover, the number of porn groups operating on platforms such as Whatsapp and Telegram has increased significantly during this period.
“Due to police action through initiatives such as Operation P-Hunt, most defendants who view such videos delete them after viewing them using specialized software to evade detection. Many of them format their phones every three days,” says Manoj Abraham of ADGP (headquarters) who is in charge of the State Cyberdome and leading the action.
The use of malware to activate the victim’s webcams to steal information about target children has also been reported in some cases.
“In a few cases we have also seen live sex sessions involving children which are available for payment through restricted links,” he said.
No less than 2,280 searches have been carried out, 1,235 cases registered, 258 people have been arrested and 1,693 devices used to circulate and store this material have been seized since 2017. The maximum number of searches was carried out last year , when 1,273 premises were searched statewide. , in which 450 cases were registered and 39 people were arrested.
Under the operational supervision of district police chiefs, simultaneous raids were carried out across the state last Sunday as part of a crackdown on promoters of child pornography material.
During the raids, the police team registered 161 cases and seized 186 devices, including cell phones, modems, hard drives, memory cards, laptops, computers, and more. containing sexually explicit videos and photos of children.
“What is distressing is that many of these videos and images appear to be of local children, ages 5 to 16,” Abraham said.
No less than 10 people were arrested, including young people employed as professionals in reputable companies, and most of them are computer scientists. This is the reason why they used all kinds of encrypted handles to upload and download the material. Some are also suspected of being involved in child trafficking as there are many chats for this purpose on their devices, he said.

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