A woman turns to Ted after waiting to get a new set of car keys after an accident that killed 3 valets outside Prospect Park

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – LaChundra Wright told Eyewitness News that she usually goes to Prospect Park in the Galleria area every Wednesday and Friday night with her girlfriends.

“It’s our place,” Wright told ABC13’s Ted Oberg. “I support them. I spend money there. I bring people here from out of town, so I’m always here.”

Wright said when she arrived at the restaurant on Oct. 1, she gave her keys to Eric Orduna, 22, as she normally does.

“My valet is the same valet I’ve always had,” Wright said. “Eric always tells me, ‘Don’t take the key.’ He’s like, ‘Your car is going to stop.’ I was like, ‘My bad.'”

Wright said that after giving Orduna his keys, Orduna told him he would park the car in the overflow section. While waiting for him to return, she decided to go inside and find her friends.

“Me, wanting to feel good for happy hour, I was like, you know, let me go ahead and go to the bar, and go order my hookah like I normally do,” Wright said. “So I went to the bar, came out (and there are) lights flashing everywhere.”

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Wright said she didn’t realize how serious the accident was until she was ready to leave Prospect Park a few hours later.

Police said Orduna was among three valets killed when another valet from another company lost control and crashed into them.

Ahmedal Tayeb Elnouman Modawi, who was a valet at Café Mawal, is accused of taking a customer’s car without his permission on October 1 and making donuts in a nearby car park.

Police said Modawi was running from police when he punched the other three valets. He was charged with three counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault. The case is still pending in Harris County Court.

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After the crash, Wright said she asked the valet for her keys, but they told her Orduna had them when he was hit.

“It was a great shock because these guys do this every day. They cross the street, come back, bring the keys,” she said. “It was just awful. The scene was awful. I just didn’t know what else to do, and I was like, ‘Well, where are my keys?’ They were like, ‘Well, you were the last car he parked,’ and I just felt awful. At that point, I started crying.”

As officials began their investigation in the middle of the night, Wright said she asked officers to help find her keys because she couldn’t get past the crime scene tape. Wright said no one could find her keys and she eventually took an Uber over 30 miles to her house in the spring.

Wright said she asked Prospect Park to tow her car to a BMW dealership so she could have another key made, but when she returned to the bar the next day, a locksmith Prospect Park contacted was working on it. his car.

After someone from MHS Locksmith worked on her car it wouldn’t start, even with a new key.

“My car was already broken. Like my whole computer system was down at this point,” Wright said.

She said her car was eventually towed to a BMW dealership, where the service department told her that two major computer components had been damaged.

The dealership got his car running again, but someone had to pay the $5,604 bill for the repairs.

Wright said after two months of asking Prospect Park and MHS Locksmith who would pay for the repairs so she could get her vehicle back, she still couldn’t get an answer. So she turned to Ted.

“I knew you were going to take care of business, Ted. You don’t play, so thanks for that,” Wright said.

We called Prospect Park and MHS Locksmith to get more information on who was responsible for paying for the repairs.

Prospect Park told us it paid thousands of dollars for a rental car for Wright, but MHS Locksmith was responsible for the repairs.

Prospect Park management said the three deceased valets carried three sets of keys. Officials said the day after the accident they called the locksmith to help the three customers whose keys had been lost.

There were no other issues with the other two cars, but the restaurant said the locksmith was taking a long time on Wright’s BMW.

Speaking of Wright’s car keys, a manager said once it went all day without completion, they had the vehicle towed to the dealership.

Prospect Park tells us he “stayed in constant communication” with Wright to make sure she didn’t have to pay to get her vehicle back.

MHS Locksmith declined to comment, but after several calls and texts from our Turn to Ted team, they finally said ‘the repair has been paid for in full’.

“They came with a check and they took it straight to BMW,” Wright said. “It’s done. I have my key.”

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