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So we all have some sort of home theater setup; whether it’s a full-fledged 50 inch TV with a surround sound speaker system, or a desktop computer that doubles up as your own home theater. And it is also an important part of life, having a cinema installed, as it improves your quality of life and gives you a well-deserved relaxation at the end of the day.

But as unique as everyone’s theater setup is, there will always be room for improvement. Enjoying the art of cinema deserves better, we could argue!

And so for this article, we’re going to dig deeper into 4 awesome ways to overhaul your home theater.

Think about your seats

The seats are huge for the cinema experience. Think about the last time you went to the movies. If you think of seats, it’s usually because of their comfort. Having a comfortable seating arrangement is half the battle when watching a movie or TV series. It’s about relaxing, so your seat should reflect that.

Invest in a sofa, or even a luxury armchair if you have the budget. Otherwise, you can always look in your local shopping district for cushions and a blanket that can make a difference.

Your food and drinks need a place too

There is nothing worse than having to walk up to a table for a drink and miss a good chunk of your movie just to find it lukewarm. Invest in an environment that lets you enjoy the big screen as if you were in your local theater, but do it better. Do it your way!

Why not get a mini fridge to store snacks and drinks? Or take a look at the slide-in table configurations that are adjustable and can accommodate your chosen seating arrangement. Forge your cinema space however you want it to be.

Download and store your media

This suggestion is intended for movie and television lovers. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and any other streaming site you can think of can be great for instant access to a huge catalog. But if you have a spotty network and buffering is a problem, or your internet connection goes down, it means there are no movies or TV shows.

Well, buying, downloading, and storing your chosen TV shows and movies offline is a thing of the past. You also don’t need a particularly fast storage device, although that does help when streaming media from it.

And if you need storage options on a budget, why not consider some of the refurbished models from ETB Technologies? They offer a wide selection of hard drives, SSDs and much more!

Soundproof the corners of your room

This one might seem like overkill and an expensive suggestion, but you’d be surprised how easy it is. Soundproofing corners and walls can go a long way in improving your sound installation and can easily be done with a little basic DIY.

Adding foam pads to your walls and corners will reduce reverb, echoes, and improve your overall viewing experience. There are dozens of DIY sound booth tutorials on YouTube, but you can use everything from refills to buying semi-professional acoustic panels.

Your movie theater is yours, and yours alone – so make it the best it can be!


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