3 games to watch in the Browns Vs Chargers



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At 4:05 p.m. EST on Sunday, the Cleveland Browns look to win their fourth straight game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Although it’s early in the season, this game could be important for the playoff position.

As Week 5 approaches, there are seven 3-1 teams in the AFC.

The Browns and Chargers are two of them along with the Bengals and Ravens.

In this important competition, there are a lot of clashes to watch out for.

Here are the first three:

1. Baker Mayfield vs. Chargers’ lack of pressure

Although the Browns are 3-1 this season, the spotlight is on Baker Mayfield and his lack of success under pressure:

According to the chart above, the Browns quarterback has one of the worst Pro Football Focus ratings in the league when under pressure.

Fortunately for Mayfield, he faces the Chargers.

Los Angeles has one of the lowest blitz percentages in the league this season:

  1. Las Vegas Adventurers: 7.2% blitz per downside, the lowest percentage in the NFL (Brown’s opponent in week 15)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles: 10.1 percent
  3. New England Patriots: 12.9% (Brown’s opponent in week 10)
  4. Los Angeles Chargers: 13.1 percent
  5. Houston Texans: 15.2% (Brown’s opponent in week two)

In week two, the Browns beat the Texans 31-21.

In the win, Mayfield completed 19 of his 21 attempted passes for 213 yards and two total TDs.

He was sacked twice and threw an interception, but had his best quarterback rating of the season of 105.0.

In Week 4’s 14-7 win over the Vikings, Mayfield unfortunately had the lowest quarterback rating of his season (59.5).

Can he have a rebound effort against the Chargers?

2. Jack Conklin vs. Joey Bosa

It won’t be easy for the Browns in Week 5, as Mayfield and his company face the Chargers’ top 10 defense.

Much of the defense is Joey Bosa, who is only 26 and already has three Pro Bowl caps under his belt.

The No. 3 pick in the 2016 draft helped the Chargers keep the Raiders to just 14 points on Monday night:

Bosa has moved his sack total from 2021 to 2.5 and is on his way to his fourth double-digit sack season.

Can All-Pro first team offensive double tackle Jack Conklin contain Bosa as he rushes to Mayfield?

If Conklin can do it, then Mayfield should have plenty of time in his pocket to make plays.

3. Browns DL v Chargers OL

For those wondering, the Browns have the 12th lowest blitz rate in the league at 21.7%.

It seems to be working for them as the Browns have been a very good defense for four weeks.

As well as being one of the top four defensives in points and yards, here are their standings so far this season:

  • Second fewer first attempts allowed
  • Second Least Yards Allowed Per Carry
  • Second highest number of bags

Can the Browns continue to be the best rushing passing team this season?

It will be important to see continued success, as Cleveland faces a passing offense that is sixth in yards and fifth in touchdowns in 2021.

In terms of tackling rushed play, the Browns will need to limit Austin Ekeler.

This battle will start at the line, as it will not be easy to stop Ekeler.

If rushed play is stalled, Herbert may not be as successful at stretching the pitch with impressive pass catchers Keenan Allen, Mike williams, and Jared cook.

Regular victories on the line will lead to a victory on Sunday.


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