10 ridiculously long queues Buffalo loves to wait

Here in Buffalo we have it pretty good for traffic and we don’t have to wait for stuff … mostly. If you go to other cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas, you see what the actual wait times look like.

However, we have long lines ourselves. Many of them are unique to western New York. This means that most other parts of the country don’t have to wait in some of those long lines. Others are commonplace in other places outside of western New York.

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I’ll be honest, I don’t like standing in line. I’m the kind of person who sees a long line at a drive-thru and walk right past it and go to the next best option for food. Ditto for sit-down restaurants. If the wait exceeds 25 minutes, I will just go to another location.

Many Buffalonians are aware that there are certain lines in which you must wait. Not because you “enjoy” waiting there, because who does it, but lines that are almost a requirement for Buffalo.

Which lines do the Oxen wait the longest? Here are 10 lines that residents of western New York City gladly wait for.

10 super-long queues Buffalonians wait in

Buffalo waits a long time in these lines.

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