10 CD-ROM games from the 2000s that need a modern PC remake

Video games have grown and evolved tremendously since their inception. As technology has improved and become more complex, so have the games that depend on it. Modern graphics are beginning to be able to replicate real-world detail and take gamers to new heights of immersion.

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With improved tools comes the instinct to go back to old projects. As remaking older games becomes more common practice in the industry, some titles are viewed more heavily than others. Modern techniques and technology could dramatically improve video games from the era of CD-ROM titles and polygon graphics of the 2000s.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? was a childhood staple of many gamers. They learned about geography and the daily life of people in other places and cultures while trying to track down the elusive secret agent Carmen Sandiego. While the game was released in the 1990s, it made its way into classrooms in the 2000s.

Now that the character has become popular again thanks to the Netflix series Carmen Sandiego, interest in its history and adventures has also been renewed. An updated take on the classic game incorporating the lore and style of the series would no doubt appeal to nostalgic adults and interested kids alike.

9 Barbie Explorer combines two unlikely genres

When Barbie: Explorer Created in 2001, fans were amazed to see the iconic doll take the lead on a scavenger hunt adventure. Many reviewers and gamers compared the stylized platformer and adventure game to grave robberboth in terms of gameplay and concept.

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While the controls weren’t quite the best design for the tasks they set out to accomplish, a daring heist focusing on Barbie’s usually domestic figure was exciting then and would be now. A remake would open the door for the game to make significant quality-of-life improvements and focus more on the narrative.

8 I spy captured imaginations

If they made potions under the stairs in I Spy: The Spooky Mansion or in search of forgotten pirate treasure on a picturesque island I spy: treasure huntno 2000s PC gamer can forget his I spy adventures. Although the games are primarily aimed at children, their nostalgic appeal still sends adults searching for their old CD-ROM discs.

Although console ports and additional titles have been created for the series since then, they have failed to capture the success of the original. I spy Games. A complete remaster of old concepts, with modern technological advancements and revamped aesthetics, would invite a whole new audience to play.

seven Chocolatier still holds up, even if its software doesn’t

User-friendly games are extremely popular with certain gaming demographics right now, with many games centering around the processes of professions or creative pursuits. A property redone Chocolatier would fit perfectly into this category. This 2007 title saw players step into the role of an apprentice chocolatier in the late 1800s, searching the world for the finest ingredients and their mentor’s lost recipes.

Chocolatier Still holds up in terms of aesthetics and concept, but its gameplay and graphics desperately need the overhaul a remake might bring.

6 RollerCoaster Tycoon could get back to basics

Although the series has never stopped churning out other titles, it’s hard to beat the appeal of the original. roller coaster designer. Other entries in the franchise have added complicated concepts like security ratings or turned to gimmicks like microtransactions to keep themselves in the air.

Currently, the concept has mostly been relegated to mobile games with social media integration. However, a good PC-centric remake of the original roller coaster designeror even the original trilogy, could restore this amusement park gaming titan to its former glory.

5 Scooby-Doo never goes out of style

The classic scooby-doo The franchise had its best video game adaptations in the 2000s. This is particularly the case with the two trilogies created in tandem with The Learning Company: Mysterious Adventures of Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Doo Folders.

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These series stayed true to the overall feel of the original cartoons while growing with the technology that supported them, seeing big improvements between titles just two years apart. Remakes of these games with the same dedicated focus on development could breathe new life into old stories.

4 The knights of the old republic are loved by many

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic hardly needs more advocacy for a remake, as its fans have been asking for for years. However, as a remake was announced in the works, several complications arose that delayed the project, possibly indefinitely.

This is heartbreaking news for many KOTOR, which eagerly awaited an update to the beloved story with modern graphics and gameplay. As an iconic title from the 2000s era of gaming, well known to gaming communities, Knights of the Old Republic deserves its day under the remake sun.

3 Beyond Good & Evil was a unique sci-fi escapade

However Beyond Good and Evil was originally released for the Xbox, it enjoyed significant popularity among PC gamers. The PC version was only released eight days after the Xbox version. This game was a third-person journey that combined puzzle solving, platforming, and close and long-range combat.

The player controlled protagonist Jade and several of her allies – some of whom were needed to advance the game. Beyond Good and Evil was something of a hidden gem, it shines with its ambitious story and gameplay.

2 Deus Ex was revolutionary

When it was released in 2000, Deus Ex has taken the gaming world by storm. This award-winning bestseller took the popular first-person shooter genre and turned it into something new. Deus Ex relied heavily on player choices; each goal can be achieved through multiple methods and strategies.

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Although a much more common concept now, a video game where the story changed based on player decisions was much rarer in the early 2000s. As the series grew and developed over time , a refined version of the original wouldn’t hurt.

1 The longest journey could be long

The point-and-click adventure game The longest trip caused a stir in 2000 using magical realism and narrative focus. The game featured beautifully contrasting worlds of magic and technology, enhanced by extensive audio dialogue, careful stage design, and a gripping narrative.

Although not the best known title, The longest trip enjoyed significant success in sales and reviews. A remake of the game could renew the beautiful kingdom of Arcadia with improved, modern graphics and effects that were simply impossible at the time of its original release.

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