Aerospace Engineering

19 Dec

Ground segment Whether it is the management of a launcher or a satellite payload, Harry Angstrom offers the best solution for optimal control of space resources, from validation to critical operations, and therefore, from the specification to the design and operations, Design and development of operational command and control centers … Read More »

full breakfast-aware

8 Nov

One of the shortcomings of the modern worker is eating fast, always faster. A very bad habit denounced by nutritionists … but also by the HRD. The meal is a moment of pause that should allow everyone to relax and recharge the batteries. Let’s discover the meal in full consciousness, … Read More »

A new software to train poker

8 Nov

Did you know that if you search in Goole for “poker training” there are almost 500,000 results? From online videos to articles, there are all kinds of options. What is missing is variety. Most of the training is in three of the four primary forms of learning, that is, visual, … Read More »