full breakfast-aware

One of the shortcomings of the modern worker is eating fast, always faster. A very bad habit denounced by nutritionists … but also by the HRD. The meal is a moment of pause that should allow everyone to relax and recharge the batteries. Let’s discover the meal in full consciousness, guided by a professional, Alexandra Palao, dietician and yoga teacher.

Come with his Mac Do ‘?

As the participants sit around a table, one apologizes, timidly: “I was hungry … and I went to get a Mac Do ‘… It’s serious? “. Silence embarrassed in the room. Alexandra, the dietician-nutritionist who oversees the session, draws a broad smile and comments with excitement: “Of course not! On the contrary, I thank you for that: it gives me the opportunity to explain that we must not deprive ourselves. The purpose of our exercise is to feel, and above all, to have fun! “. Relief. It is 13h. If our fast food lover starts eating to avoid a cold burger, the others will have to wait a bit: “Can we turn off the lights, please? “. Our teacher wants a subdued atmosphere … and above all, without food: “Before starting the experiment, it is essential that everyone takes a moment to meditate”. Accompanied by Michel Onfray’s gourmet reason and a Tibetan bowl, Alexandra invites us in a sweet voice to feel our body, to breathe deeply. Everyone is thus ready to offer themselves a little of their own time.

The opening of the senses

After the meditation, Alexandra asks us to reach out and open our hands, eyes closed. She then deposits a “something” that is unknown to us. It’s up to us to describe what we feel in our palm, then, in a second time, to knead it with the fingers, to identify its texture and its shape. “It’s soft”, “it’s small”, “it’s light”, “it sticks a bit”, “it’s rough” … Everyone gives their opinion on what they perceive.

A few minutes pass and we must now bring it closer to our nostrils to literally “breathe” its smell and put words on what inspires us. “Would it be a little date? “, A goji berry? “,” A raisin? “. It would be, a priori, a berry, or a dry fruit.

Finally, we have permission to put it in contact with our lips, then, in the mouth … without the bite! Again, for several minutes, the fruit sticks to our teeth, caresses our palate. A taste acrobatics during which it is difficult not to chew the fruit. Chew, chew, and finally swallow are other steps to focus on. This is the experience of the meal in full consciousness.

“As if everything had been dissected in the mouth”

This initiation to mindfulness via a cranberry is a success. Welcomed by all participants, the experience seems to have convinced the majority. The food was observed and tasted in an unprecedented way: “I felt a lot more the taste”, “as if everything had been dissected in the mouth,” say the most receptive. Whatever you think, this bay has left no one indifferent.

If for some the situation has proved “absurd”, for others “amazing”, all are delighted to have discovered a new faculty: that of tasting with all of its senses and body. As if a personal relationship had been established with this cranberry? In any case, everyone was able to enjoy their meal in peace, while wondering about the virtues of such a practice in the longer term.